The Retail Management Formula

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  • Improve retail manager effectiveness.
  • Drive consistency in front line implementation.
  • Increase sales and productivity.
  • Maximize profitability.

5 thoughts on “The Retail Management Formula”

  1. I purchased The Retail Management Formula on Audible, but I can’t find links to the charts or graphics that are described in the book and it’s very confusing just hearing descriptions of these graphics. Please provide locations of these graphics or add to the audio book, where these can be found. Thank you!

    1. Thank you, Nathan, for reaching out. I have sent you my “charts and diagrams” supplement for audio book users. I hope this will answer all questions, but please reach out again if you want more!

        1. Hi Stephanie, and thanks for buying the book!
          The audio version supplement is available for download right here on this site…

          If you have trouble, let me know and I will gladly email it to you.
          Also, please give my newest book a try. “The Retail Leadership Profile; A Guide to Hiring, Developing, and Becoming Top Retail Talent” just became available this week in audio version. Since you would be one of the very early readers, I would love your thoughts and feedback!

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