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The Retail Management Formula helps retail managers become more effective leaders.  We use a combination of books, video training, multi-person workshops, and one-on-one mentoring to build the leadership skills of retailers at all levels.

The Retail Management Formula, LLC is owned and operated by long-time retail professional Jon Dario.  Jon is a graduate of Pennsylvania State University with a BS in Marketing, and he has more than thirty years of retail management and leadership experience in multiple types of retail environments including airport retail, hard goods, soft goods, specialty store, department store, and financial services.  His background includes time with many of the retail industry’s leading companies, including Macy’s, Gap, Bank of America, and the world’s leader in retail foreign currency exchange, Travelex.  Having come up through the ranks and learned many lessons along the way, Jon has personal credibility as a teacher of retail management techniques.  His methods have a proven track record, and his style includes the use of stories to educate.  Jon still leads the retail operation of a services company and therefore remains well-connected to the day-in and day-out challenges that such leadership provides.

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  1. good afternoon Clinton Beck here from Edmonton Alberta Canada. I just listen to the retail management formula which I ordered from Audible for my third time, and I have to say it is one of the most helpful things I’ve ever heard I own a chain of antique stores in Edmonton Alberta called Beck Antiques and Jewellery Inc. we grew from a one outlet store five years ago to have five stores across the city, including West Edmonton Mall. I have never had any retail training at all and have not been running things as good as I could have and your course and Brooke have really helped me my reason for writing today is to say thank you but also to ask, do you have any type of sheets for your tables that you described in the book templates or anything like that that you could possibly email me so that I could just fill in or can I purchase them somehow. Or should I just order the book hardcopy , thank you again. I also am going to let a friend of mine, Jeff Tetz from results Inc. they are a training company here in Edmonton know about your course in books as he is always looking for speakers, I think you would be an excellent one.

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