Self-branding For Retail Managers

Course Objective:

At the end of this course, students will have their own personalized self-brand and clear direction for using their brand to improve their performance as a retail leader.

Target Student:

This course is designed for new retail managers who are just beginning to define themselves as leaders as well as experienced retail managers who are seeking a boost in their leadership effectiveness.

Link to this course:

Self-branding for Retail Managers

Course Description:

This course teaches students the value of having a self-brand and how a self-brand improves leadership effectiveness.  It begins with a discussion of company brands and how they create visual images of a promised experience that consumers will have those brands.  The course than translates the concept of brand to people, and eventually to self-brand.

The meat of the course takes students through a self-discovery process that results in their own personalized self-brand.  Students will assess their own personalities, their experiences, and their skills and specialties to arrive at commitments they can confidently make to the people they interact with on the job.  The course closes with a discussion on how students can grow and promote their self-brand.



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