Management Coaching Services

At the Retail Management Formula, LLC (TRMF), our passion is helping managers become truly effective leaders.  A core concept which sets us apart from traditional management training programs is the belief that “telling” is only the first step of the “coaching process.”  We help managers put concepts into practice, and we work with them to ensure they stay on track.  Our management coaching service does the following things:

– Teaches management skills

– Builds management structure and routines

– Provides management tools and resources

– Diagnoses opportunities for management development

– Finds solutions to unique management challenges

Our Signature Service:  

The TRMF Management Coaching Program

This program is based on the proven concepts in the book The Retail Management Formula.  The program’s structure involves a combination of classroom “workshops” and on-site side-by-side coaching.  The program can be adapted for use with large groups of managers, small groups of managers, or even personalized for use with one manager at a time.  The core components of the program are as follows:

1. The Management Pyramid – Helps managers establish a prioritized list of expectations for themselves and their teams.

2. Communication Skills – Establishes good communication skills as a foundation for success with all other aspects of management.

3. The Management Process – Provides a framework for communicating expectations, gaining staff buy-in, and getting to the point of being able to truly count on consistent execution from the team.

4.  Coaching Skills – Equips managers with new coaching techniques that will improve their coaching effectiveness.

5.  Management Food Chain – Gives managers structure for managing their time, and builds routines for them which will help them stay in their managerial role.

6.  Manager Character – Provides managers with an understanding for how their own personal characteristics and behavior impact their ability to effectively lead and manage.

7.  Hiring and Recruiting – Gives managers tools which will help them find, recruit, and hire employees who are most likely to contribute positively to the business.

8.  Action Planning – Teaches managers how to build effective action plans that will solve real life problems in their businesses.

Other advisory services provided by TRMF include…

– Sales and store analysis

– Cost and profit analysis

– Process improvement

– Competitor analysis

– Business case creation and analysis

– Proposal development

– General retail consulting


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