Book #2 – “Management Is Not Rocket Science”

Management Is Not Rocket Science: A Collection of Management Lessons, Tools, and Tips

Written by Jon Dario

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This book is perfect for…

– Front line retail managers who are looking for quick tools and tips that will improve their effectiveness

– Senior retail leaders who want extra tools and tips that will improve the skills of the managers whom they supervise

– Small to mid-size retail business owners who wish for the management tools that are typically only available to companies with big budgets.

What makes retail management tough is there isn’t always just one solution to a problem. It takes a blend of skills and creative problem solving to get the job done.

Retail marketing pro Jon Dario shares his thirty years of insights to guide you in his book Management Is Not Rocket Science: A Collection of Management Lessons, Tools, and Tips. Here, he pulls back the cover on the art of retail management—including seven useful tools to make any manager more successful. Examples include tools to manage an employee’s attitude and tools to prioritize your time.

Dario, after majoring in marketing in college, started out as housewares department manager at a department store. There, he learned that being successful in retail management is an art, not a science. Through his career, which spanned many different types of retail environments, he learned many lessons such as how to find the right balance between empowering others while also managing the details of their work.

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