TRLP Table of Contents

The Retail Leadership Profile

Table of Contents

Foreword – By Carrie Gennuso

Introduction – The Need For A Retail Leadership Profile

Part I – Elements of the Retail Leadership Profile

Chapter 1 – Personal Characteristics

Chapter 2 – Skills

Chapter 3 -Influencing Ability

Part IIHiring Top Retail Talent

Chapter 4 – Potential Pitfalls of the Hiring Process

Chapter 5 – Identify Quality Candidates

Chapter 6 – Effectively Interview

Chapter 7 – Assess and Select

Chapter 8 – On-board

Part IIIDeveloping Top Retail Talent

Chapter 9 –  Assessing Leadership Ability

Chapter 10 – Building Growth Plans

Chapter 11 – Executing Growth Plans

Part IVBecoming Top Retail Talent

Chapter 12 – Using the Tools to Grow Yourself

Chapter 13 – Building a Personal Brand

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