Book # 4 – “The Amazing Link”


Businesses are chock full of leaders who have ideas for how they can get better results. The larger the business, the more leaders with ideas. So why doesn’t every business end up with great results? The answer is simple – execution. Execution is the Amazing Link that turns good ideas into great results. But, execution doesn’t just happen. In fact, consistently good execution is difficult to come by. That’s where managers come in. Managers determine the strength of the Amazing Link. The best managers drive execution through effective use of four key behaviors. This book provides detailed insight into the four management behaviors that are most directly tied to good execution. Readers will receive easy-to-understand explanations of the behaviors, personalized stories that bring the behaviors to life, and advice and tips for how best to implement the behaviors.

The book is meant for three groups of people. It is ideal for front line managers who are primarily responsible for driving execution from the employees who are the face of the business and are directly in contact with customers. It is also ideal for managers of front line managers, meaning people with titles like District Manager, Area Manager, and Market Manager. Finally, it is ideal for senior executives who decide on the strategies that must be executed on the front lines.

The Amazing Link is more than a concept. It is a formula for management success, and the formula is easy to understand. With the right mind set, that a manager’s purpose is to help employees succeed, consistent execution can truly become a reality.  Get the book now at…

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