Book #1 – “The Retail Management Formula”

The Retail Management Formula:

A Navigational Guide to Consistently Effective Retail Management

Written by Jon Dario with introduction by Chris McShane

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This book is perfect for…

– Front line retail managers who wish to become more effective by working smarter, not harder.

– Retail executives who wish for a system that will develop the skills of their front line managers and translate company vision to consistent execution.

– Small to mid-size retail business owners who wish for the management tools that are typically only available to companies with big budgets.

The world of retail management presents numerous challenges. Maximizing effectiveness is the goal of every retail manager, but solutions are often difficult to find. In The Retail Management Formula: A Navigational Guide to Consistently Effective Retail Management, author Jon Dario pulls from his extensive experience in retail management and leadership to offer clear, concise, and practical tools designed specifically for retail managers.

This book provides tangible and practical methods for turning ideas into action. With step-by-step instructions for establishing effective retail management routines, Dario delivers a complete program for laying the foundations of strong managerial behavior. The principles presented here can be used by both individual retail managers to achieve success and by senior leaders of an organization to serve as the core of their management training and development program.

Filled with real-life illustrations of the book’s central ideas as well as detailed instructions for their implementation, The Retail Management Formula is a must-have book for any retail manager or organization interested in driving consistent execution on the part of their retail teams.

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