Our Management Development Program

Program Overview

The TRMF Management Development Program is ideal for…

  • Experienced managers who want tools and skills to take their leadership effectiveness to the next level
  • New managers who want to build a solid foundation of leadership skills
  • Multi-location leaders who want content they can use to develop the skills of the managers who report to them

The program can be successfully used by…

  • Retail program managers (airport concession operators, shopping mall operators, etc.) – as a value-added service to all retailers in the program or to boost results from targeted under-performing retailers within the program
  • Multi-location chain retailers – to provide structured management development and improve consistency of front line implementation across all locations
  • Independent retailers – to serve as the type of in-house management development program that is typically only available to large companies which have their own training departments

Steps for using the program…

  1. Select modules from the TRMF Management Development Program library
  2. Identify other modules to be custom-built by TRMF for user’s unique needs
  3. Prioritize the order in which modules will be completed
  4. Establish desired level of post-module follow up to be done by TRMF
  5. Determine desired pace of module delivery and program completion
  6. Start the program and begin improving consistency of front line implementation!

The program is built upon the proven techniques contained within our two books, and all participants receive a copy of each book.

Summary of Off-the-shelf Modules

Module 1:      Communication Skills

Module 2:      The Management Process

Module 3:      Coaching

Module 4:      Time Management

Module 5:      Manager Character

Module 6:      Hiring and Recruiting

Module 7:      Developing Talent & Bench Strength

Module 8:      Action Planning

Module 9:      Effective Goal Setting

Module 10:    Conducting Effective Meetings

Module 11:    Establishing & Managing Team Priorities

Module 12:    Leadership Balance

Module 13:    Conducting Effective Location Visits

* Custom modules can and will be built upon request in order to address specific or unique needs.

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