Key Management Characteristic #1 – “Caring”

Whether you talk about a traditional retail store environment, retail financial services, restaurant, or any other retail service business, one fact is consistently true – people are at the heart of the business.  The first key group of people who a retail manager must interact with is the customers who are served by the business.  Another important group of people is the employees who the manager supervises.  In the case of both groups, a manager must be able to have effective personal interactions in order to be successful.  Effective personal interactions mean an ability to connect with others on an emotional level.  If those interactions are not genuine, a “connection” will not be made, and the interactions will not be effective.  Therefore, the most fundamental characteristic for successful retail management is a genuine “caring” for other people.  As long as “caring” is missing, success as a retail manager will be out of reach.  Make “caring” the first litmus test of your management recruitment and hiring process, and make “caring” the foundation of your personal management style.


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