Table of Contents

Introduction               Management Is Not Rocket Science

Part I: Management Lessons

Lesson 1                      Effective Leadership Is Lonely

Lesson 2                      How Many Hours Does a Manager Have in a Week?

Lesson 3                      The People, Stupid

Lesson 4                      The Paradox of Empowerment

Lesson 5                      When Good Goals Go Bad

Lesson 6                      Systems, Not Smiles

Lesson 7                      A Naval Crew Mess Table and a Stained Tablecloth

Lesson 8                      Sometimes It’s Not What You Say…

Part II: Management Tools

Tool 1                          Leadership Balance Model

Tool 2                          The ’Tude-O-Meter

Tool 3                          The Lost Art

Tool 4                          For Effective Action Plans, GAS IT

Tool 5                          A Framework for Effective Communication

Tool 6                          The Four Cs of Effective Goal Setting

Tool 7                          Coaching Skills Backpack

Part III: Management Tips

Tip 1                            The Most Important Management Characteristic—Caring

Tip 2                            For the Best Development Plans, Focus on Strengths

Tip 3                            Rock Stars on Management

Tip 4                            The True Value of Sales Reports

Tip 5                            The Illusion of Control

Tip 6                            #1 Tip for the Best Sales Script? Don’t Use One!

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